Tuesday, April 22, 2014

lazy magnet 20th anniversary celebration/final performance

Won't you join me, Jeremy Harris, in commemorating 
the 20th anniversary of my solo recording projects inception?

I'll be performing one song from each year of my career.
20 songs in all.

the format will be human voice and electric guitar accompanied by pre-recorded rhythm section.

The music i make means a great deal to me.
So does sharing and being a nice friend!

Everyone in the world is invited to attend.

entry into this event will be free of charge.
i will have copies of the brand new
"3rd & Final"
lazy magnet boxed set
on-hand for sale at $30 a piece.

speaking of peace:
I hope to see you there!
may 10th
dog's fright zone

set list:
1994: o, the drama
1995: this is not the deal, ok?
1996: birthday gumball
1997: the last song i'll ever write
1998: life fucking weirds me out, man
1999: traveling on an empty stomach
2000: blame life
2001: E.S.P aid
2002: apologize to the rice (by request)
2003: my brother's slave
2004: initiate rites of the rabbit magician
2005: die fast
2006: song about buddyship
2007: What's yr life like?
2008: charmed life
2009: anna purna
2010: sugar mane (by request)
2011: protect and progress
2012: kraft durch freude
2013: advent
2014: pe'eb gnarfin' (redux)

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